A make over for beauty business Rubi Wax and Beauty

Inspiration can sometimes strike under the strangest circumstances. The night before she was due to start her first round of chemotherapy for stage three breast cancer, Steph Nunn, 34, noticed a ‘for sale’ sign on a shop window in Lydiard Street North.

Rubi Wax and Beauty owner Steph Nunn

The owner of beauty business Rubi Wax and Beauty, Steph had been thinking about relocating her business from its Sturt Street site.

“I had already decided before my diagnosis that I wanted a new name and a new look,” Steph says.

“The beauty industry is constantly changing, and I wanted my business to grow and evolve.”

Within a couple of weeks Steph had bought the heritage-listed shop.

“The new salon was just the project I needed. It helped me stay busy, motivated and focused during my 20 weeks of chemotherapy.”

Throughout her cancer journey, Steph has used Instagram to encourage other women to get their breasts checked.

“Through social media I have been able to share my story and hopefully encourage other young women to get their breasts checked. Breast cancer does not discriminate – it can happen to anyone at any age.”

Rubi Wax and Beauty