Plaques and Memorials Application

A plaque on a stone pillar in a park

Community members, groups, and individuals can request the installation of plaques and memorials on roadsides and in open spaces within the City of Ballarat as a tribute to a deceased person or to recognise an individual or group's contribution to the Ballarat Community. 

All requests will be reviewed to determine if the deceased person has a significant connection within the City of Ballarat Community.

For example, the person has lived in the Municipality for a significant period of time, was highly active within the City of Ballarat community or participated in unpaid contributions to the City of Ballarat Community; and the request is to commemorate a historical or cultural event, including where a group has significantly donated to a community project.

The types of memorials that can be requested include:

  • Roadside Tribute
  • Commemorative Tree
  • Park Seat

Long term and short-term memorial options are available. 

Submit a request for a plaque or memorial online

Download a printable version of the application form and return it to:

Executive Manager Property Services & Facilities Management

PO Box 655

Ballarat, Victoria 3350

or email to

Please Note: War Memorials and Historic Monuments are not relevant to this application process.

Review the City of Ballarat Plaques and Memorials Policy.