Infrastructure design

Infrastructure Design Manual

City of Ballarat uses the latest Infrastructure Design Manual, which outlines our engineering/infrastructure standards for roads, drainage and other structures.

The manual is used to make sure minimum design criteria are met for design and construction of infrastructure, whether it is constructed by City of Ballarat or a developer.

Landscape Design Manual

Download the Landscape Design Manual.

The manual is a guide and reference for landscape architects and designers to prepare landscape plans for submission to the City of Ballarat, by landscape contractors during landscape construction, and by developer and City of Ballarat representatives in the field during the landscape construction and maintenance.

The manual is to help ensure landscape works meet accepted industry standards, and sound horticultural and sustainable management practices.

Street furniture and park furniture guidelines

Download the Street and Park Furniture Guidelines.

The Street and Park Furniture Guidelines form part of the City of Ballarat's Urban Design Manual.

The guidelines are a technical working document for City of Ballarat staff that can be added to and updated as new furniture items are developed, or existing ones modified.

Current infrastructure standard drawings

There are two types of standard drawings used in Ballarat, Infrastructure Design Manual standard drawings and the City of Ballarat’s standard infrastructure drawings.

In most new development sites, the Infrastructure Design Manual standard drawings will be the drawing set used for infrastructure.

For development in existing urban areas, the Infrastructure Design Manual takes priority over the standard infrastructure drawings, unless existing City of Ballarat infrastructure prevents the use of the Infrastructure Design Manual standards.

City of Ballarat standard infrastructure drawings


Concrete structures


Kerbs and footpaths





Street furniture

Traffic management


The City of Ballarat has taken every care to ensure the information shown on these drawings is accurate, however some variations from records may exist, and complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed.