Pet registration

Registering your pet is a mandatory requirement under the Domestic Animals Act 1994. Apart from being a state legislated, pet registration helps us reunite you with your pet if they are picked up or get out unexpectedly and assists with data collection and how to increase responsible pet ownership throughout our community.

Image of a dog sitting on grass

How do I register my pet?

You can register or renew your animal registration on our eServices platform or visit our Customer Service centre.

Lifetime tags are supplied with registration and should be placed on your pet's collar. If the tag is lost, contact us to organise a replacement.

All animal registrations must be renewed by by 10 April each year.

How do I change the owner of my pet?

If your pet is registered with the City of Ballarat and you are changing the ownership of your pet, you will need to let us know about these changes.

To change the owner details of your cat or dog:

  1. complete the change of ownership form
  2. email the form to or visit our Customer Service centre.

If your pet has not been registered with the City of Ballarat before and you are changing ownership details, you will need to complete a new registration for your pet on our eServices platform.

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