Tree Protection

Trees in Victoria Park

To retain our trees they need space to grow above and below ground.

Tree Protection Zones are allocated to ensure no damage is caused to tree trunks, roots, canopy or branches during works or construction.

See Tree Protection in the City of Ballarat for protection requirements for public trees in Ballarat.

Tree Management Plan

Ballarat has a diverse amount of trees in terms of species, age, size and density. The trees are an essential part of our urban and rural neighbourhoods, providing economic, social and ecological benefits.

The Tree Management Plan 2018-22 aims to:

  • give a clear and consistent approach to managing risks associated with tree assets and issues
  • help us in work out priorities for tree programs and works
  • support our focus on adopting an urban forest management approach and achieving a 40% canopy cover by 2040

Exceptional Tree Register

The register is a formal list of significant trees in Ballarat. It helps identify and protect exceptional trees on private and public land. Read the Exceptional Tree Register.

View our map of exceptional trees. Select a tree to see details, an image, and learn what makes the tree significant.

How to nominate a tree for the register

Submit your nomination using our online form

You can also download and completed the nomination form and send it to us by:

Who will assess the nominations?

An expert panel including an arborist, independent expert, community representative and a Councillor will assess nominations.

What happens after the register is created?

We will promote the exceptional trees while providing advice and guidance to ensure their continued good health and survival.

Power lines and trees

Street trees 

Under the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015, the City of Ballarat must maintain street trees and make sure they are clear of power lines within the Declared Area.

The Declared Area is all of the urban area of Ballarat.

For information about the City of Ballarat power lines tree clearance program or the regulations, view our Electric Line Clearance Management Plan 2021-2022 or call the City of Ballarat Parks and Gardens team on 5320 7450.

Private trees 

Powercor is responsible for tree clearance for private trees adjacent to street power lines and outside the Declared Area.

Contact Powercor for more information on 13 22 06.

More detailed information can be found at the Energy Safe Victoria website.