Ballarat Community Awards

The Ballarat Community Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of community members who have gone above and beyond to improve the lives of everyone in the region. The annual Ballarat Citizen of the Year, Ballarat Young Citizen of the Year and Community Activity of the Year Awards are announced in January each year. 

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2023 Ballarat Community Awards

Celebrate Ballarat’s outstanding achievers. Nominate now for the 2023 Ballarat Community Awards: 

  • Ballarat Citizen of the Year 
    Nominees: Dr Keith Ho, Bernard Blood, Liana Skewes, Michaela Saha, Diosdado Jr. L Rivera, and Daniel Richards.
    Award recipient: Liana Skewes
  • Ballarat Young Citizen of the Year 
    Nominees: Liam Wright, Luke Harbour, Will French, Lilla McIntyre, Meghan Lee, Indya Hayes, Sarah-Jane Sloane, Rohan McMaster, Yual Reath, Karlea Fitzpatrick, Ruby Lloyd-Vendy, Ashleigh Kanoa, Dhuvarrishlanth Veerabahu, Hades Slater, Liam Ryan and Millie Collins. 
    Award Recipient: Millie Collins
  • Community Event of the Year 
    Nominees: Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre - Our Kitchen Social Enterprise's Community Lunches, Wallaby Track Parkrun, St Peters Community Playgroup Ballarat, Ballarat Mental Health Collective - Free Lake Esmond Community Event incorporating the Circle of Solidarity, and Ballarat Tweed Ride. 
    Award Recipient: Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre: Our Kitchen Social Enterprise's Community Lunches 

The Ballarat Community Awards are provided by the Australia Day Committee (Victoria) and are run by Local Government Authorities throughout Australia, on behalf of each council.

The Awards were presented at an official presentation on 25 January 2023.