Works on council land


What is a Hoarding Permit?

If you are placing things like structures, plant and equipment, or building supplies on the road reserve as part of construction works, you may require a permit. 

This also applies to building permit applications requiring report and consent from the City of Ballarat under the Building Regulation 116 - Protection of the Public

Make and application for hoarding on Council land

Occupation constraints

  • The width available for clear access along a footpath must be greater than, or equal to, 1.5m, or 2m for a shared path, or 1m where permanent fixtures such as poles, bins, and parking machines prevent 1.5m worksite clearance.
  • The vertical clearance above a footpath must be a minimum of 2.3m.
  • The width available for clear access along a part of a road used (generally from kerb to kerb) or primarily set aside for use by motor vehicle traffic must be a minimum of 3m.
  • Public space must remain accessible to people with a disability.


Community consultation

Prior to making an application, you must canvas the opinions of the owners and/or tenants of all the properties near your proposed works. Please provide details in your application of how that consultation and feedback has been taken into account.


Traffic management arrangements

For safety, a Traffic Management Plan must be provided as part of the application’s site plan, detailing how traffic will be safely diverted around the hoarding site.

Where existing traffic controls are to be altered, a Memorandum of Authority must also be applied for.


Who is responsible?

Any person responsible for conducting works on a road reserve open to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic has a duty of care to take all reasonable measures to prevent accident or injury to members of the public using the road.


What should I be aware of?

The information here is provided as a guide and is in no way exhaustive. All applications are considered according to individual circumstances. Australian Standards include, but are not limited to:

  • AS1742.3 Manual Uniform Traffic Control Devices – Traffic Control Devices
  • AS4687 Temporary Fencing and Hoardings
  • AS1576 Scaffolding
  • AS4576 Scaffolding – Guidelines for Scaffolding
  • AS1319 Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment
  • Road Management Act 2004

Contact our Customer Service team to find out more about hoarding permits to occupy public land.