Asset Protection

What is an Asset Protection Permit?

Asset Protection Permits aim to protect public assets from private building activities taking place on private land to ensure public infrastructure, such as footpaths, drainage and roads, as well as vegetation on public land (including street trees), remain serviceable during the construction process and are not left damaged at the completion of works.

Once a permit has been paid for, our Asset Surveillance Officers will inspect the public assets prior to works commencing, and again upon completion. Should damage occur during works, the works manager will be held liable for rectification to City of Ballarat standards. If works commence without a permit, the works manager will be issued with an infringement notice and held accountable for reinstatement of all damage identified at the site.


Permit Requirements

Asset protection permits are needed for building permits with a construction value over $15k.

The following activities always need an asset protection permit:

  • demolition
  • swimming pools
  • retaining walls


Reinstatement standards

Reinstatements must meet City of Ballarat standards and requirements to ensure the safety, and ongoing useful life of public infrastructure.


Do I have to pay for a permit?

Yes. The fee covers the two site inspections and administration.


How do I apply for a permit?


  • Visit eservices.
  • You will need to register before you can access the permit application.

In person

Visit our Customer Service Centre.