Stormwater and Drains

Storm water

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Stormwater is water that runs off hard surfaces such as footpaths, roads and rooftops when it rains.

Most of Ballarat’s stormwater flows into the Yarrowee River, then into the Leigh River, the Barwon River, and finally into Bass Strait at Barwon Heads.


What stormwater drains am I responsible for?

All building works must comply with Victorian Building Regulations. This requires stormwater to connect to a legal point of discharge specified by the City of Ballarat.

To allow us to establish the correct point, a copy of your Certificate of Title and a site plan showing the nature and location of the proposed works must be supplied with a Property Information Request form. Submit the form to our Customer Service team

Existing stormwater drains must be connected to a drain where possible.

If the work is a new industrial or commercial development, or will result in three or more dwellings on the same site, on-site detention of stormwater will usually be required.

If works are on the road reserve then a Works Within Roads Reserve Permit is required.


Stormwater Management Plan

Our Stormwater Management Plan promotes best practice stormwater management in Ballarat by identifying ways to protect our waterways and improve the quality of urban stormwater entering our creeks and rivers.



Did you know there are over 500km of drains across Ballarat?

While it is your responsibility to maintain drains on your property, we manage the extensive drainage system located within roads and reserve across the municipality.


What do I do when I find a blocked drain on Council-owned land?

You can report a blocked drain online.

We regularly clean and clear blocked drain. Tree roots are the most common cause of blockages.