Statutory Planning

What is planning?

Planning considers the way land is used and developed, and how this impacts the character and amenity of an area.

The Ballarat Planning Scheme, approved by the Victorian Government, outlines objectives, policies and controls for the use, development and protection of land.

A Planning Permit is a legal document that gives you permission to use or develop land in a certain way. It usually includes conditions and approved plans which must be complied with.


Difference between planning and building permits

You may need a planning permit, building permit or both depending on your proposal. Understanding the difference between planning and building can help you apply for the correct permits for your project.

A Building Permit is a legal document issued before construction commences, to ensure the building meets the minimum requirements for the health, safety and amenity of occupants and the public.

If your project requires a planning permit, you must first obtain the planning permit and satisfy any conditions before a building permit can be issued.


Planning Online

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