Planning help

Help, forms and checklists for your planning journey.

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Forms and checklists

Do you have everything you need to apply for your Planning Permit? Make sure you have everything together by using one of our forms or checklists.

Planning application forms

Application for Planning Permit
Application for a VicSmart Planning Permit
Application to Amend a Planning Permit
Application for Amendment by Secondary Consent
Amendment to Planning Application
Extension of Time Request
Request To Endorse Plans Pursuant To Conditions Of Permit

Subdivision forms

Public Open Space Form
Bond and Fees Form
Discharging condition for 173 Agreement

Other forms

Application for Certificate of Compliance
Copy of Planning Permit and or Endorsed Documents

General planning permit application checklists

Checklist - Existing Use Rights
Checklist 1 - Construction and/or Extension of a Single Dwelling or Multi Dwellings on a Lot
Checklist 2 - Industrial
Checklist 3 - Business
Checklist 4 - Advertising Signage
Checklist 5 - Waiver of Car Parking
Checklist 6 - Subdivision
Checklist 7 - Applications for Works to Buildings in Heritage Areas
Checklist 8 - Applications for Demolition of a Building in a Heritage Area
Checklist 9 - Construction of a Water Tank
Checklist 10 - Vehicle Crossover in a Heritage Area
Checklist 11 - Solar Panels in a Heritage Area
Checklist 12 - Buildings & Works
Checklist 13 - Use of Land
Checklist 14 - Liquor Licence
Checklist 15 - Bushfire Management Overlay
Bushfire planning information
Checklist 16 - Applications within the Dowling Forest Precinct
Checklist 17 - Rural Subdivision
Checklist 18 - Rural Dwelling
Checklist 19 - Native Vegetation Removal

VicSmart permit application checklists

Checklist 1 - Realign a boundary between two lots
Checklist 2 - Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space
Checklist 3 - Subdivide land with an approved development into two lots
Checklist 4 - Construct a front fence in a residential zone
Checklist 5 - Construct a building or works in a Commercial, Industrial Zone or Mixed Use Zone
Checklist 6 - Construct a fence in an overlay
Checklist 7 - Remove, destroy or lop one tree
Checklist 8 - Minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, painting or tree lopping in a Heritage Overlay
Checklist 9 - Display a sign in a Commercial or Industrial Zone
Checklist 10 - Reduce a car parking requirement
Checklist 11 - Reduce or waive loading & unloading requirements

More Information

Please see our Pre-Applications Page for details. 

Policies and strategies

Reference documents under the Ballarat Planning Scheme

Local Incorporated Documents under the Ballarat Planning Scheme

View Local Incorporated Documents on Planning Victoria website.

Other planning documents

Planning fees

There are a range of factors that determine how much you have to pay for a Planning Permit.

Calculating your fee

The cost of your application depends on what you’re doing. The key factors that influence your fee include:

  • The type of permit (use, development, use and development, subdivision)
  • The estimated cost of any development
  • The type of proposal and/or property (VicSmart, single dwelling on a lot, multiple dwellings on a lot)

For a full list of Statutory Planning fees, view our fee schedule.

I want to seek written advice as to whether a planning permit is required

Request written advice when you need to clarify whether a planning permit is required for your project.

Before applying, you'll need to ensure you have the following information:

  • An electronic version of your plans
  • Copy of your title including any relevant covenants and agreements

Apply for written advice


I want to request a copy of a planning permit or endorsed plans

To get copies of existing planning permits or endorsed plans, you'll need to applyBefore applying, you will need to have the following information:

  • Property address
  • Planning permit reference number

Please note: Copies are made available for the purposes of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 only. The information provided must not be used for any other purpose. By taking a copy of a document you acknowledge and agree that you will only use the document for the purpose specified above and that any dissemination, distribution or copying of a document is strictly prohibited.

Request copy of planning permit

I want to apply for a report and consent for a proposed demolition

Do you need to progress your building permit application but your registered building surveyor first needs report and consent for demolition under Section 29A of the Building Act? You will need to apply for a 29A Report and Consent for Demolition.

When a Section 29A request is received, we’ll determine whether a planning permit is required for the demolition, and if so, if a planning permit has been issued. If a planning permit has been issued for the demolition or no planning permit is required to demolish, we’ll issue consent.

A Section 29A consent request will be refused if a planning permit is required for demolition and no planning permit has been issued for the proposed demolition, or if the demolition proposed under the request differs from that extent of demolition approved in the planning permit.

The City of Ballarat can't issue Section 29A consents:

  • where City of Ballarat is not the responsible authority for the land
  • where a planning permit has been issued by the Minister for Planning
  • for permits issued for properties on the Victorian Heritage Register under the Heritage Act 1995.

Before proceeding, make sure you have the following information:

  • Planning and Building Permit application reference numbers
  • A full and current (no older than 30 days) copy of your Certificate of Title including the Plan of Subdivision and correct ownership details. 
  • A digital copy of your plans and any supporting documents
  • Credit card details for payment of the application fee. 
  • The cost is outlined in our fee schedule

Apply for Report and Consent for Demolition

Owner/Manager responsibilities for plantations on private land

Whether you have an existing plantation or are thinking of establishing a new plantation, you need to be aware of your responsibilities.

Native timber harvesting in Victoria’s state forests will end by 1 January 2024. If you’re considering establishing a new plantation, or harvesting an existing plantation, here’s what you need to know. 

In the Ballarat Planning Scheme, ‘Timber Production’ is a defined land use, and requires compliance with Clause 53.11 (Timber Production) of the Ballarat Planning Scheme

Clause 53.11-2 requires compliance with the ‘Code of Practice for Timber Production 2014 (as amended 2022)’, known as ‘the Code’. Some zones require planning permits in addition to compliance with the Code. The Code regulates timber harvesting in State forests, private native forests and plantations. It outlines environmental standards for planning and conducting commercial timber harvesting. 

Important values like biodiversity, recreation and cultural heritage are protected under the Code. Before establishing a plantation on private land, you must submit either a ‘Plantation Development Notice’ or a planning permit application to the City of Ballarat in accordance with section 4.1 of the Code. 

Before harvesting a plantation on private land, you must submit a ‘Timber Harvesting Plan’ to the City of Ballarat in accordance with section 4.5 of the Code. 

Blue gums are a popular plantation wood, and a favourite food and habitat for koalas. If you are considering establishing or harvesting a blue gum plantation, then koalas will likely be present and you are required to assess if they are present. For blue gum plantations, the Conservation Regulator requires owners and managers of blue gum plantations to hold an authorisation to disturb Koalas during plantation management operations, which would come in the form of a Koala Management Plan. 

Templates for both ‘Plantation Development Notice’, and ‘Timber Harvesting Plan’ is available in DELWP’s ‘Management Guidelines for private native forests and plantations’. 

A Koala Management Plan template and further information is available in the State Governments ‘Minimising impacts to Koalas in blue gum plantations – Regulatory Guide’. 

For more information, please contact the City of Ballarat on 5320 5500.