We invite tenders for all contracts with a value over $300,000. Preferred suppliers are appointed only after a formal tender process.

What is eProcure?

It is an online platform that allows you to:

  • register to view current tenders
  • download tenders
  • submit tenders
  • submit questions and receive responses

If you are experiencing issues with the system or have questions, please call 1800 377 628 or email info@eprocure.com.au for assistance. 

What is Eftsure?

To increase security of its supplier payments and to combat the ongoing risk of fraud and scams, Council is using the Eftsure Software system as part of its accounts payable procedure. Suppliers who already do business with Council should be prepared to receive an email from a company called Eftsure asking you to confirm your business information with them. This information will include your business name, ABN, and business bank account information.

The Eftsure software solution is an independent, continuous controls monitoring system that monitors online transactions in real-time and in real-time with suppliers. It guarantees precise electronic funds transfers, giving its customers and their esteemed suppliers more confidence that when payments are made, the funds are going where they are meant to.

Eftsure places the highest priority on security because of the nature of their business.

Find out more at eftsure.com

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