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Changes to Bin Collection are coming

Ballarat is getting a new system for kerbside bin collection.

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What bins do I have?

All residential properties will have a 140L rubbish bin and a 240L recycling bin.

Properties that are rated as a detached home and between 250m2 and 4000m2 will also receive a 240L green waste bin.

Rubbish bins are collected weekly and recycling and green waste bins are collected on alternate fortnights.

How do I put my bins out?

Please have your bins placed correctly by 6am on collection days.

Correct placement:

  • bin handle and wheels facing your house and the bin opening facing the road
  • bins 50cm apart from each other
  • do not place bins behind parked cars, near trees or other obstructions
  • do not overfill or place anything on top of your bins

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When is your next collection?

Find out when your next bin collection is


How do I get my bin?

We supply bins to the property as part of our waste collection service. You should have bins at your home when you move into an existing property. If you don’t, contact our Customer Service team on 5320 5500.

If you have built a new house and are ready to move in, call our Customer Service team to arrange bins for your new house.

Available bins:

  • 140L with a red lid for general waste
  • 240L with a yellow lid for recycling
  • 240L with a light green lid for green waste

We don’t deliver bins unless someone is living at the property to help stop bins being stolen.

The bins we provide must stay at the property when you move house.

Request a new bin for your property.

Fixing or replacing my bin

We repair or replace damaged bins for free. 

We don’t recommend making temporary repairs to your bins. Contact our Customer Service team on 5320 5500 to arrange to have your bin repaired or replaced. You bin will usually be repaired or replaced on your next collection day after you call us. You can use your bin as usual and place it out for collection as you usually would as your bin needs to be empty and on your kerbside for repair or replacement.

When you call us, you will need to tell us:

  • Your name, address and contact number.
  • What type or size of bin needs to be repaired. Is it your general waste, green waste, or recycling bin?
  • What part of the bin is damaged? Is it a wheel, the lid, handle, pins, axles, or joins?
  • How damaged is your bin? Is it unusable?

Request a bin repair or new bin.

What do I do if my bin didn’t get collected?

There are some reasons your bin may have not been collected on bin day:

  • It wasn’t out on time for collection.
  • It was too heavy for our trucks to pick up (max 70kg).
  • It was overfull (i.e. there were items that were higher than the bin and they wouldn’t have been able to fit into the trucks collection area).
  • The bin was not where our truck could reach it (i.e. it was behind a car).

If your bin has not been emptied, you can contact our Customer Service team on 5320 5500 or you can report a missed bin via eServices.

Report a missed garbage bin.

Report a missed recycle bin.

Report a missed green bin.

My bin only got half emptied

If your bin didn’t get completely emptied, it may be because some items got stuck. To stop this from happening, make sure not to cram as much into your bin as you can and place heavier items at the bottom so they don’t jam lighter items in the bin.

If you find that lawn clippings in your green waste bin are getting stuck, place drier material at the bottom such as sticks and leaves. This helps with air flow so the lawn clippings don’t get stuck at the bottom.

What can I do about a bin spill?

If it’s a small spill and you can quickly, easily, and safely pick things up, please do. 

Our drivers try to get to larger spills if they can, however please call Customer Service so we can ask for the street cleaning team to attend.

Some spills are caused by not having the bin lid closed and wind blowing the rubbish out. Sometimes birds and other creatures can get into the bin and drag rubbish out if the bin lid is not closed. To stop this from happening, don’t overfill your bin and make sure the lid can close. If your lid is broken, you can call our Customer Service team on 5320 5500 to arrange to have your bin fixed.

Skip bins and permits

If you're a resident and need a skip bin delivered to your property, you will need to contact a skip bin company who will apply to us on your behalf to arrange a permit.

  • Payment for the permit will be incorporated in the cost the skip bin company will charge you.
  • The skip bin company must be registered with us before they can apply for a permit.
  • The City of Ballarat does not provide skip bins for hire.

Are you a skip bin provider and want to register with us?

Call our Compliance team on 5320 5500.