Green Waste

Green Waste

When and where are bins collected?

The City of Ballarat green waste collection service is provided to urban residential properties with a detached house in Ballarat between 250m2 and 4000m2 and is currently on a green waste route.

Green bins are collected on the opposite week to recycling.

  • On collection day the bin needs to be placed on the kerbside one metre apart and away from parked cars and trees.
  • The maximum weight for collection is 70kg. If the bins are heavier, they cannot be collected. Please note, if you really struggle to wheel it to your kerbside, then it is too heavy for the arm of our truck.

Green waste can also be taken to the Transfer Station.

What can and can't go in my green waste bin?

Anything you cut from your garden can go in:

  • Prunings
  • Small branches – maximum size: 10cm in diameter and 55cm long
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Grass

Do not put in the following. They could cause contamination or damage to processing machinery:

  • Plastic pots
  • Plastic bags
  • Food Waste
  • Glass
  • Metal or Tin
  • Building rubble

Large logs can be disposed at the Transfer Station.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my bin be collected?
Fortnightly on alternate weeks to your recycling bin.

Where will the green waste be taken to?
Further processing occurs at Mt Wallace, where it is turned into a high grade compost.

Won’t it all just go to landfill?
No. By separating the green waste from regular waste, landfill space requirements are reduced. This assists in the reduction of methane production and other greenhouse gases. Ultimately, this will reduce the long term cost of waste disposal for the community.

Can I put weeds in the bin? Won’t that just spread the weeds?
Yes, you can put them in. Weeds do not survive processing at the Mt Wallace facility.

Can I put in food scraps? 
No. Requirements for processing food scraps are different to that of green waste, and any food contaminants need to be removed prior to processing. 

Can I put in dog waste or kitty litter?
No. Processing for this type of matter requires different procedures. 

Can I buy back bags of the compost?
The compost is sold to a private contractor in the agricultural industry.

Where do I take logs/large branches?
These need to be taken to the transfer station at Gillies St South.

If the compost is sold, why do I have to pay for the service?
There are still costs associated with collection and transportation and so on. Compost sales don’t cover these costs and the full costs of processing. These costs are, however, cheaper than that of landfill, which in the long term will reduce the overall cost of waste removal to the community.

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