Outdoor trading

Two women sit in the outdoor dining area of a café, behind glass panels

What is outdoor trading?

Businesses using footpaths for commercial activities such as dining, displaying goods, or advertising is considered outdoor trading. 
Outdoor trading covers three broad categories: 

  • Outdoor dining includes tables, chairs, stand-alone heaters pot plants/planter boxes, umbrellas, barrier screens.  

  • Advertising signage includes using A-frame signs to advertise your business. 

  • Displaying goods includes products being placed on the footpath for sale or hire such as a collection of books. 

Apply for an Outdoor Dining or Outdoor Trading (Display of Goods) or Temporary Advertising Signage permit online

  1. Read the Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy
  2. Submit your application
  3. We will notify you of the application outcome as soon as possible


What else do I need?

A site plan of the outdoor area detailing where you wish to trade.

To produce your site plan, you could use Council’s Intramaps, Google Maps or a hand drawn map.

Please indicate dimensions of overall footpath width and detailing trading, kerb and pedestrian zones (where applicable).

Photographs of the proposed footpath area.

You can upload this information, when completing your outdoor dining form online.

Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency with $20 million coverage. 

You can upload this information when completing your online application form. 

We will notify you of the application outcome as soon as possible 


How much will it cost?

Fees to be charged are as follows: 

  • $200 for outdoor dining
  • $100 for display of goods for sale or hire
  • $100 for A-frame signage 
  • or as adopted by Council in its annual budget. 

Any permit issued will expire 31 July 2026.

Outdoor Dining, Trading (Display of Goods) or Temporary Advertising Signage permit via e-mail or post

  1. Read the Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy
  2. Email the following to info@ballarat.vic.gov.au:
  3. We will notify you of the application outcome as soon as possible

Permits are not transferable
You will need to submit a new application if there is a change of licensee.