Our international relations

We have strong international links with Japan, China and Timor Leste which have become very successful.

Image of a Chinese man carrying a drum

About our partnerships

As a city we have exchanged and developed significant trade and tourism opportunities with these cities, helping ordinary people from different countries meet and learn from one another and provide the key to the door for future developments.


We signed a Sister City Agreement with the Town of Inagawa in August 1988, committing to organise and facilitate educational and cultural exchanges, as well as to investigate economic development opportunities between the two municipalities. 

This Sister City Agreement includes, an annual student speech contest, and an Able Art annual disability exchange program and exhibition in both cities. 

Timor Leste

We also have a Friendship City Relationship with Ainaro, a district of Timor Leste aimed at strengthening the communities of the district through initiatives to build self-sufficiency among the people of Ainaro.

Read our Ballarat Friends of Ainaro Community Committee Strategic Plan.


A ‘friendly’ agreement with Nanjing, to promote the development of education and cultural exchanges, between the Nanjing Education Bureau and the City of Ballarat to establish the Asian Language Centre and Confucius Classroom at Mt Clear College.  

A historical link with Kunshan Province, and a  Friendship Agreement with Yangzhou Municipal. 

United Kingdom

A historical relationship with Peterborough.