What do my rates pay for?

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What your rates help make possible

Your rates create a Ballarat that is prosperous, connected and thriving.  

They allow City of Ballarat to build roads, bridges and bikeways. They support community spaces such as sporting clubs, parks, libraries, aquatic centres, and art galleries, 

They allow City of Ballarat to deliver infrastructure while maintaining its existing assets. They keep the streets clean and help lost pets find their home.  

They support everybody in our community – from newborn babies to our older residents. 

Your rates create the city we love. 

What do my rates pay for?

In 2022/23 your rates will contribute to the City of Ballarat’s overall budget spend and will help fund a range of services, projects and capital works that are city-shaping and create better outcomes for everyone in our community. 

The critical revenue, combined with $45.8 million in Victorian and Australian Government grants, will support more than 80 services, 98 projects, $127.3 million in capital works and maintenance of $2 billion worth of assets.  

The diagram below shows how many dollars are allocated to each key area for every $100 dollars spent. 

Download the Your Rates at Work document for all the information about where rate money is utilised across the municipality.


for every $100 spent

Highlights of the past 12 months

Your rates support our community in a number of different ways. See below a snapshot of some of the key highlights over the past 12 months.

rates highlights