Mayor’s Message - Friday 24 May 2024

Text with The Mayor's Message with an image of Mayor Cr Des Hudson in front of the 2024/25 Budget document

This week we endorsed the City of Ballarat’s Budget 2024/25, which once again represents a commitment to delivering on our aspirations outlined in the Council Plan 2021-2025 – now in its final year.  

The Council Plan, which was adopted by Ballarat City Council in August 2021, sets the vision, priorities, and outcomes for Council’s four-year term, and each year the annual budget is constructed to provide the funds and resources to put this plan into action. It was prepared following an extensive community engagement period.  

It is a disciplined budget that articulates how we will deliver major projects that will benefit our community for generations to come, while also delivering quality core infrastructure and services.  

This budget's development and delivery follows an improved budget consultation process.  

Moving to a single, more comprehensive engagement period prior to preparing the budget has allowed Council to consider the community’s priorities as the budget is being developed – not after it is drafted.    

We have listened to residents’ responses and have backed them up with budget allocations, which we have demonstrated clearly in the front of the budget with a section that explains in detail how we, as a Council, have responded to community engagement with investment.  

Road maintenance, the improvement of cycleways and footpaths, and increasing investment in climate change emerged as top priorities for the community in the Budget 2024/25 consultation.  

I am conscious of the cost-of-living crisis that is continuing to impact so many in our community. The City of Ballarat has also been impacted by escalating costs, which has resulted in the decision to increase rates in line with the State Government’s rate cap.

I am proud to present the Budget 2024/25, which I believe is a balanced and responsible way to meet our community's aspirations.

- Mayor Cr Des Hudson