Mayor's Message | ourballarat winter 2023

One of the six goals that form the City of Ballarat’s current Council Plan states that we will be ‘a healthy, connected and inclusive community’

Mayor Cr Des Hudson in the City of Ballarat Council Chambers

As you’ll read in this edition, the City of Ballarat is at the forefront of enhancing accessibility in our central business district with the upcoming installation of a dedicated guide dog relieving station. With very few examples of such structures across the state, this project will help raise awareness of the importance of safe and accessible public green space for people with assistance, seeing eye and guidance dogs.  

This installation of a dedicated relieving station for guide dogs is a great public display of the City of Ballarat’s Inclusion Framework in action. I look forward to seeing how the project increases the community’s awareness of the needs of people with guide and other service dogs.  

Winter is a great time to invite friends and family from out of town to visit the region. Not only is the popular Winter Festival on, but local hospitality hero John Harris has some recommendations of other fun things to do in Ballarat while it's cold out.

It’s also great to see how our young people are contributing to making our community accessible and connected for everyone. As you’ll read, the City of Ballarat’s Youth Ambassadors are putting their passion for advocacy into practice with the Eureka Centre’s new ‘Speak Up!’ program.  

Finally, discover the inner workings of our Street Cleaning team, and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into keeping Ballarat looking great for our community.  

Cr Des Hudson