Single Use Plastics Ban

From 1 February 2023, the Victorian Government is banning the sale and supply of single-use plastic in Victorian businesses.

single use plastics

The City of Ballarat has been working with our local businesses to support them with resources and information to prepare for the ban.  

From February 1, banned plastics will include:   

  • Drinking straws. 

  • Cutlery and drink stirrers. 

  • Plates. 

  • Expanded polystyrene food service items and drink containers. 

People who need single-use plastic drinking straws due to a disability or for a medical need can still purchase and use these items. 

Find out more about the ban on the Sustainability Victoria website. 

For Businesses

The City of Ballarat Economic Development team are available to assist Ballarat businesses with this transition and can be contacted on 03 5320 550 or for enquiries or further assistance. 

Find out how the ban impacts your business using the information below: 

For Consumers

Many single-use plastic items are difficult and expensive to recycle. The ban will reduce plastic pollution across our state and preserve the health of the environment.  

As of February, you will not be able to access these plastics in hospitality venues. The City of Ballarat encourages you to take your time, and eat or drink in the venue, or invest in a re-usable cup or cutlery set that will benefit the environment and you for years to come.  

There are limited exemptions that provide the use of items in specific circumstances. This includes the use of single-use plastic drinking straws for individuals who require them due to a disability or for a medical need.