Councillor expenses

About Councillor Reimbursements

In addition to the payment of an allowance, the Local Government Act 2020 requires that the mayor and councillors be reimbursed for expenses including travel, conferences and training, telephone and ICT.

The following tables of expenses is provided in accordance with the Local Government (Planning and Reporting) Regulations 2020 and the Councillor Expenses Policy. 

Travel expenses includes travel, accommodation and similar expenses incurred by the mayor and councillors when performing their duties as required. This includes local, interstate and international travel on behalf of Council. Representation of the mayor and councillors at local, national and international levels is an important part of developing, communicating and implementing Council policy. This also includes travel expenses related to attending meetings, representations, conferences and training.

Car mileage includes kilometres travelled and claimed by councillors in the performance of their role.

Information and communication includes the costs of purchase and network charges of telecommunication and technology provided to councillors, which may include mobile telephones, laptops and tablets. Network charges may vary from each councillor dependent on their usage. A number of councillors’ ICT devices were due for replacement and were replaced in 2018-19.

Childcare includes the cost of childcare expenses incurred by councillors for their immediate family necessary to undertake their role.

Conference and training includes the costs for attendance at accredited and non-accredited training run by training providers, peak bodies and related organisations and groups, courses, seminars, conferences and similar events, professional development, memberships and materials. All conferences and training must relate to the role and duties of councillor.

Councillor Reimbursements 2022-23


Councillor Travel Expenses Car Mileage Childcare Information and Communication Conference and Training
Cr Des Hudson $2,824.22       $948.55 $218.19
Cr Amy Johnson $1,666.18       $1,664.37   $4,533.72  
Cr Belinda Coates $1,021.76       $471.74 $2,371.19  
Cr Ben Taylor $904.73     $471.74 $1,753.65  
Cr Daniel Moloney $3,972.16       $471.74 $1,794.98  
Cr Mark Harris $31.82     $300.92  
Cr Peter Eddy       $471.75 $734.30
Cr Samantha McIntosh $1,958.69       $1,360.52   $2,696.16  
Cr Tracey Hargreaves       $471.74   

Councillor Reimbursements 2021-22

Councillor Travel expenses Car mileage Childcare Information and communication Conference and training
Cr Daniel Moloney (Mayor) $1,404.52 - - $727.39 $9.036.66
Cr Amy Johnson (Deputy Mayor)  $1872.96 - - $884.10 $1,814.14
Cr Mark Harris - - - $349.90 -
Cr Des Hudson - - - $1,281.63 -
Cr Peter Eddy - - - $645.02 $77.27
Cr Samantha McIntosh $1,921.80 - - $745.10 $3,717.56
Cr Belinda Coates  $305.91 - - $543 $876.93
Cr Tracey Hargraves - - - $647.46 $77.27
Cr Ben Taylor $1,321.45 - - $745.1 $2,160

Councillor Reimbursements 2020-21

Councillor Travel expenses Car mileage Childcare Information and communication Conference and training
Cr Belinda Coates  $203.54 - - $692.64 $550.00
Cr Peter Eddy - - - $692.64 -
Cr Tracey Hargreaves - - - $692.64 $166.15
Cr Mark Harris - - - $534.48 -
Cr Des Hudson - - - $692.64 -
Cr Amy Johnson - - - $893.36 $1,650.00
Cr Samantha McIntosh $498.27 - - $782.29 $2,558.17
Cr Daniel Moloney $624.63 - - $692.64 $1,470.00
Cr Jim Rinaldi - - - $124.27 $36.36
Cr Ben Taylor - - - $794.41 $568.18
Cr Grant Tillet - - - $109.49 -

Councillor Reimbursements 2019-20

CouncillorTravel expensesCar mileageChildcareInformation and communicationConference and training
Cr Ben Taylor$1,243.38--$582.71$2,454.56
Cr Belinda Coates$1,228.62--$496.31$3,232.64
Cr Mark Harris---$496.31-
Cr Des Hudson---$526.02$24.96
Cr Amy Johnson---$1,092.85$3,191.36
Cr Samantha McIntosh$9,823.25--$3,633.01$4,123.77
Cr Daniel Moloney$1,317.08--$496.31$6,921.82
Cr Jim Rinaldi$363.16$901.56-$589.78$113.65
Cr Grant Tillett---$496.31-


Councillor Reimbursements 2018-19

CouncillorTravel expensesCar mileageChildcareInformation and communicationConference and training
Cr Samantha McIntosh$20,972.07--$4,222.92$7,771.74
Cr Jim Rinaldi-$1,745.70-$3,632.27$325.48
Cr Daniel Moloney---$3,483.66$196.36
Cr Belinda Coates$5,76.77--$3,485.10$690.91
Cr Mark Harris---$808.07-
Cr Des Hudson---$3,753.60-
Cr Amy Johnson$2,263.96--$4,428.44$5,543.82
Cr Ben Taylor$1,613.72--$3,483.96$586.37
Cr Grant Tillett---$3,517.95-


Councillor Reimbursements 2017-18

CouncillorTravel expensesCar mileageChildcareInformation and communicationConference and training
Cr Samantha McIntosh$16,836.95--$1,334.59$6,287.45
Cr Daniel Moloney$304.52--$1,100.10$1,832.95
Cr Belinda Coates$1,360.48--$1,063.87$1,419.64
Cr Mark Harris---$1,032.55$500
Cr Des Hudson336.36$3,575.22-$1,164.19-
Cr Amy Johnson1,400.18--$1,081.57$1,422.91
Cr Jim Rinaldi-$2,329.14-$1,118.02$2,404.55
Cr Ben Taylor---$1,063.94$7,744.46
Cr Grant Tillett---$1,063.79-


Councillor Reimbursements 2016-17

CouncillorProfessional developmentExpense reimbursementsConferencesMealsMembershipsTravel and accommodationTelephoneTotal
Cr Samantha McIntosh
(Mayor from November 2016)
Cr Des Hudson
(Mayor from October 2016)
Cr Belinda Coates$500-$1,979.25$70.50$489.09$744.28$1,234.26$5,017.38
Cr Vicki Coltman$1,475-$450$205.08-$323.70$363.62$2817.40
Cr Glen Crompton-----$826.77$363.76$1,190.53
Cr Mark Harris--$72.73---$691.54$764.27
Cr Peter Innes-----$1,414.38$300.13$1,714.51
Cr Amy Johnson-$35.92$841.04$416.98$500$3,801.62$1,123.79$6,719.35
Cr Daniel Moloney--$540---$1,005.40$1,545.40
Cr John Phillips---$336.82-$1,588.50$829.65$2,754.97
Cr Jim Rinaldi-----$569.58$1,694.27$2,263.85
Cr Ben Taylor---$9.82--$878.38$888.20
Cr Grant Tillett------$623.25$623.25


Councillor Reimbursements 2015-16

CouncillorProfessional developmentConferencesMeal provisionsMembershipsTravel and accomodationTelephone
Cr Des Hudson (Mayor since Nov 2015)-$431.82$1,265.82-$19,408.99$2,336.07
Cr John Phillips (Mayor to Nov 2015)--$461.82-$17,289.51$3,344.32
Cr Belinda Coates-$2,007.27$458.30$476.36$1,628.33$1,611.60
Cr Vicki Coltman-$4,937.27$427.39$575$3,337.05$1,324.51
Cr Glan Crompton--$150.41-$247.06$1,322.45
Cr Peter Innes--$570-$4,838.51$1,304.03
Cr Amy Johnson$2,260$2,052.22$803.08$689.09$3,745.60$1,293.07
Cr Samantha McIntosh-$3,000.81$1,965.09$489.09$7,788.93$1,690.10
Cr Jim Rinaldi-----$1,171.69