Support available for ratepayers experiencing payment difficulties

In the foreground, there is a dark blue sign with 'Customer Service' written on it. In the background is a man with sitting at a desk with a blue chair next to him.

Are you aware of the rate payment options available to you?  

The City of Ballarat is encouraging ratepayers experiencing payment difficulties to contact the Customer Experience team to learn about the payment options and support available to them with making rates payments.

It follows the City of Ballarat’s distribution of Courtesy Reminder Notices for the payment of rates, which ratepayers can expect to receive in the coming weeks.  

The City of Ballarat has several rate payment options available, including a ten-payment direct debit plan, paying in quarterly instalments or a lump sum. However, unless ratepayers have opted for a direct debit or payment plan, payments will default to a lump sum, which is due to be paid by 15 February 2023.  

If ratepayers are unable to make the full lump sum payment by this date, they can call the City of Ballarat’s Customer Experience team to arrange a suitable payment plan. 

Please note, there is an option for ratepayers to register for future direct debit payments. The City of Ballarat encourages ratepayers to register for payment by direct debit by contacting the Customer Experience team, or visiting the ‘How and when do I pay my rates’ page on the City of Ballarat website and filling out the ‘Direct Debit Request’ form.  
The City of Ballarat distributed rates notices in August last year — the Courtesy Reminder Notices are an additional follow-up notice ahead of the rate due date on 15 February. Ratepayers can opt to receive electronic rates notices — instead of the default mail option — by following the instructions outlined in the Courtesy Reminder Notice.  

There are 60,000 rateable properties across the City of Ballarat. 
City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Des Hudson said it was important for ratepayers to know their payment options.  
“Spreading the cost of rates across the year with a suitable payment plan — instead of paying in one lump sum — may be a more manageable option for many ratepayers,” he said.  
For more information about rates payments, to arrange a payment plan, or to opt to receive electronic rates notices, contact the City of Ballarat Customer Experience team on 5320 5500.