Mayor's Message - Thursday 30 June

Image of Town Hall looking through gardens on Sturt Street

You don’t have to look too far to see how much Ballarat is growing. No-one hides behind the fact that with that comes many challenges, which however, are far outweighed by numerous benefits to the economy with many community and personal opportunities. None the less the process to achieve these benefits is one that must be well thought out, managed and executed.  

The City of Ballarat at the last Council meeting discussed three critical pieces of work including the 2022/2023 budget, its first Asset Management Plan and an update on the progress of Ballarat’s Growth Areas rezoning.  

The Council meeting adopted this year’s Budget which has a strong focus on sustainability along with stimulating the economy by delivering key projects required for a growing city. The Budget has been informed through a rigorous community engagement process, which started in November 2021.  

Community feedback on such matters is invaluable and along with Council’s commitment to sustainable budgeting and responsible financial management we have a very workable Budget that focuses on strong capital investment, while protecting our natural environment.   

Also adopted at the meeting was Ballarat’s 10-year Asset Plan which provides clear direction about the long-term management of more than $2 billion in built and natural public assets. This provides not only a brilliant forecasting plan for managing City of Ballarat assets, but it also provides a benchmark for community to consider detailed asset planning information, discuss the impacts, trade-offs and comparative options for asset management, thereby guiding future asset and service decisions. 

Finally at the meeting there was an update of the rezoning of Ballarat’s proposed growth areas and the identification that a Growth Areas Framework Plan is required for the Western and North-Western growth areas. The City of Ballarat has applied for a Streamlining for Growth grant from the Victorian Planning Authority to undertake this important and complex plan.  

Growth of our city is happening, and it is extremely important that we continue investing in not only the professional detail, but as importantly the community consultation to help guide and support the delivery of a city we are all proud to call home.