Improvements to water retention at MR Power Park, Sebastopol

Generic photo footpath and MR Power Park sign

The next part of the MR Power Park Masterplan is commencing now, with the installation of a water drainage basin near Morgan Street.  

The basin is the starting point to the wetlands and boardwalk at MR Power Park and is implementing the Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan, a plan that provides direction for future urban development within the west of Ballarat.  

The total cost for the project is $6.1 million, comprising of developer contributions and the City of Ballarat Budget 2018/19 to fund the construction of a water retention basin to assist the community with stormwater runoff and flooding reduction.  

While serving as an important water retention and local flood mitigation purpose, the works also offers an opportunity to activate the space from a community and conservation perspective. The initiative received widespread support during the community engagement process.  

This will also pave the way for Morgan Street (between Crown Street and Grant Street) to be widened and raised to allow for more traffic and assist in water flow to the drainage basin and decreasing flooding events.  

As part of the early works prior to commencing the drainage basin and road earthworks, approximately 36 cypress trees will be removed on the southern side of Morgan Street, Sebastopol, in accordance with the City of Ballarat Tree Management Plan 2018-2022. 

The removal of the trees will be overseen by the City of Ballarat tree management team and neighbouring properties have been advised. 

The works will commence on 5 December 2022 and the drainage basin and road works will continue in 2023. 

Relocation of power infrastructure will be undertaken by Powercor after the tree removal and is anticipated to be complete in March 2023. 

This will enable pipe installation to commence in February 2023, for water flow into the MR Power Park drainage basin from Crown Street and Kossuth Street.  

Excavation of the drainage basin is likely to commence in early 2023 which will make way for landscaping works to begin.  

The road raising of Morgan Street (between Crown Street and Grant Street) is due to commence in 2023 which includes new kerbs and footpaths.  

Traffic management will be in place on Morgan Street from Monday 5 December 2022 to ensure minimal disruption to the residents.  

The delivery of the MR Power Park drainage basin is part of the long-standing Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan.  

Implementation works will be funded by the City of Ballarat using developer contributions raised under the Ballarat West Development Contributions Plan, a plan that provides a vision for the sustainable development of Ballarat’s west.   

Development contribution plans make possible the development and timely delivery of infrastructure to new communities in the Ballarat West Growth Area to create liveability, connectivity, and social wellbeing. Development contributions fund major infrastructure projects such as drainage, roads, intersections, and recreational open spaces. 

The City of Ballarat Mayor, Cr Des Hudson, said it was great to see the commencement of early works at MR Power Park and is looking forward to the works moving forward next year.  

“It is a great opportunity to activate the space for the community, whilst also mitigating future flooding risks,” he said. 

“MR Power Park is a well-used recreation area in Sebastopol, being able to improve the infrastructure surrounding it will be a real benefit to the users of the park. 

“The delivery of key infrastructure in a timely and efficient manner is fundamental to sustainable outcomes in urban growth areas such as Ballarat West.”