The historic Eureka Stockade Gardens’ future

Eureka Gardens image, showing path and lake features

Eureka Stockade Gardens

Ballarat’s Eureka Stockade Gardens are nationally significant, considered to be the site of the 1854 Eureka Stockade where the rebellion took place and of course the home to the original Eureka Flag.  

The City of Ballarat is now undertaking a Conservation Management Plan of the gardens to better understand the demands of the site, to best manage its heritage values and provide direction on potential future use, change and development.  

This will build on the Conservation Analysis and Master Plan that was completed in 2001 and the Interpretation Plan from 2019.  

It is envisaged that the plan will help guide conservation works on the monument and guide interpretation signage as part of the vision for the Eureka Gardens.  

Ballarat’s community is now being asked to engage with the City of Ballarat about what is important to them at the Eureka Stockade Gardens and why, as well as if there are any improvements that could be undertaken to enhance the reserve area.  

City of Ballarat Mayor, Cr Des Hudson said the Eureka story is a touchpoint in Australia’s past and the gardens should showcase this history.

“The Eureka Stockade Gardens is a significant and extremely important site for Ballarat. It is a place to remember those who lost their lives at the Eureka Stockade and reflect on the legacy that lives on 168 years later,” he said.  

“I look forward to hearing the community’s stories and connection to these gardens and see how this can be incorporated into the Conservation Management Plan.”  

The month-long consultation opens on 15 May and closes on 15 June 2024. For more information and to provide your feedback, visit

This project would not be possible without a $96,000 funding contribution from the Federal Government to prepare the Conservation Management Plan.  

Member for Ballarat Catherine King said the Eureka Stockade Gardens is an important community asset, and a beautiful park enjoyed by local families and visitors to our region.  

“The history of the Eureka Stockade is integral to the history of our city and many community members have an interest in, or even family stories of the event,” she said.  

“Consultation on the new Conservation Management Plan is an opportunity to have input into how we can continue to engage with this significant story into the future.”

The Eureka Stockade Gardens is home to the Eureka Centre, a museum which houses the original flag, the Research Hub, a variety of program, talks and workshops and of course the popular cafe Lilly’s at Eureka  

The gardens also feature walking tracks, play spaces, outdoor social spaces and community facilities – so why not pay the historic site and the Eureka Centre a visit. After all entry to the Centre is free for Ballarat residents.