Gearing up for Biketober

Generic image of CEO Evan King, Cr Coates and Wallace Martin for Biketober

October has arrived, and it’s time to pump up those tyres and get excited for a month filled with awesome bike ride adventures.  

More than 100 people have already registered to take part in Ballarat’s Biketober, with more encouraged to join in for a ‘wheelie’ good time.  

Employers across Ballarat and beyond are setting up teams for some healthy, fun competition across the city.  

The competition is not about kilometres, but rather participation, so everyone can join in.

The aim of Biketober is simple – to get more people to enjoy the benefits of riding bikes.

There are many safe routes to try out in Ballarat, but if you are not sure where to start, why not try one of the Ride Ballarat loops:

  • The City Ride (5km)  
  • The Lake Ride (6km)  
  • The Victoria Park Loop Ride (5km)  
  • The Arch of Victory Ride (2.4km)  

More information about Ride Ballarat can be found on the Visit Ballarat website.

The City of Ballarat is committed to delivering initiatives designed to encourage and support the community to enjoy the many benefits of walking and cycling for commuting, exercise or just enjoying moving around Ballarat in spring.  

The Ballarat Cycle Action Plan 2017 – 2025 is key to encouraging people to jump on a bike and start to enjoy the trail network.  

The plan prioritises delivery of safe and continuous routes, which will have the greatest impact on increasing the number of everyday cyclists and give confidence to those who are interested in riding, but not confident to share the road with cars.

Ballarat is a bike-friendly city, anyone who needs a bike and cannot afford one, has access to one via the Y Ballarat's program, Recranked. They recycle bikes and donate them back to the community.

The initiative has recycled more than 3,500 bikes since it first began in 2013 and focuses on keeping bikes out of landfill and supporting those in the community that are not able to access bikes or other transport.  

Recranked Coordinator Wallace Martin said the group has touched thousands of lives, by providing a bike to them, when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access one.  

“Being able to provide people with the opportunity to ride a bike is incredibly fulfilling, I am an avid bike rider and being able to share it with others is amazing,” he said.  

City of Ballarat Councillor, Cr Belinda Coates said Ballarat is becoming a more attractive and enjoyable place for people to ride.  

“Ballarat has many safe routes to ride your bike along, it’s a perfect place to get back on the bike and spend some time outdoors enjoying our city on your two wheels,” she said.

“There are so many benefits to riding a bike, from improved mental and physical well-being, a healthier planet and more affordable and efficient travel.  

“Biketober is all about celebrating each of these benefits and sharing them with the world.”

So, push those pedals, spread the bike love, and join the movement to get more people riding bikes this October! Join the fun now at