Connecting Trails in Ballarat

Generic image of bike riders in Victoria Park

Opportunities to improve connections in some of the city’s network of trails have been identified, particularly in the Redan and Delacombe areas.  

As the population of Ballarat grows and more people participate in recreation outdoors, the City of Ballarat is committed to providing better connections for active transport.  

As such, new linkages between existing trails will be created, providing easy access to open spaces and outdoor destinations. Connections such as these can create environmental pathways enabling flora and fauna to connect to other habitats areas increasing biodiversity.  

The Trails and Connections project overall will deliver:  

  • A trail from Victoria Park to Morshead Park, along Sutton Street. 

  • A connection to Doug Dean Reserve via Whitelaw Avenue.  

  • A loop trail around Morshead Park along Rubicon Street, Pleasant Street and Bell Street. 

The Trails and Connections project aims to create safe and healthy connections for cyclists, walkers, runners and pedestrians across Ballarat’s open spaces.  

Raised pedestrian crossings will be constructed where possible at intersections along the routes to create safer road crossings for the trail users.  

The benefits of the Trails and Connections Project include:  

  • Safer and accessible shared path connections for walking, cycling and running.  

  • Increases the connectivity of the off-road shared path network in Ballarat.  

  • Provides opportunities for active and passive recreation to further achieve positive health outcomes. 

  • Easy to navigate linkages between key open spaces. 

  • Improved tree canopy and improved biodiversity between open space areas. 

The first project to commence will be the link between Victoria Park, to Morshead Park and Doug Dean Reserve. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-2023.  

The stage one connection will total approximately one kilometre and will provide safe access to the open spaces.  

Along with the trail, the project will include planting of more than 150 trees, more than 200 plants and a few thousand ground cover plants planted along the route, improved accessibility to bus stops and additional seating at nine separate locations.   

Stage two connection will be a path from Whitelaw Avenue to Doug Dean Reserve. The third stage will be a gravel loop trail around Morshead Park.  

City of Ballarat Mayor, Cr Des Hudson said connecting trails in Ballarat helps to support an active and healthy community.  

“This is about improving connections throughout Ballarat and making our great outdoor recreation spaces more accessible for all,” he said.  

“Better, safer and easier to follow trail networks will enable the community to replace an increasing proportion of short trips by car.”  

For more information on the trails and a detailed map of the links, or to ask a question to the design team, visit the project page one the City of Ballarat’s MySay website.  

Map - trails and connections