City of Ballarat Governance and Culture Review released

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The City of Ballarat Governance and Culture Review has been released.

The review, which was carried out by Susan Halliday AM, was provided to staff and Councillors of the City of Ballarat and has been made available online at the City of Ballarat website.

The Review was informed by the participation of 265 City of Ballarat employees and volunteers.

Of the 265 participants, 102 took part in one-to-one interviews.

City of Ballarat Chief Executive Officer Janet Dore said the report provided an opportunity for the City of Ballarat to assess its governance practice and workplace culture honestly and take steps to improve it.

“There is no doubt the review highlighted improper and appalling behaviour taking place in our organisation historically,” Ms Dore said.

“While we have already taken large steps forward, this process has given us the opportunity to shine a light on these unacceptable behaviours and to set improved standards, where we can work together to forge a new culture for the City of Ballarat.”

Ms Dore said a key outcome of the review was a 16-point action plan presented at Wednesday night’s ordinary meeting of Council.

“The action plan outlines key actions that the new CEO and ELT will implement in four main areas – working environment, behaviours, leadership and governance.”

“It provides a firm starting point from which the city’s new CEO Evan King and the leadership team can build. It will be their task to articulate how these actions points will be delivered and how the organisation can measure its progress.”

Ms Dore thanked staff and volunteers for their participation in the review.

“This week I’ve conveyed my gratitude to those staff from all levels and teams across the organisation who came forward to participate in the review.”

“I am proud of the way our staff have continued to serve the community in what has been an extremely changing and challenging time.”


Governance and Culture Review

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