City of Ballarat Councillors sworn in, Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected

Cr Daniel Moloney is vested with the Mayoral chains

Ballarat Mayor Daniel Moloney and Deputy Mayor Amy Johnson





















City of Ballarat Councillors have elected Cr Daniel Moloney as Ballarat’s Mayor, while Cr Amy Johnson has been elected Deputy Mayor.   

Both were elected to their positions at a statutory meeting of City of Ballarat Council held on Wednesday evening at Ballarat Town Hall.  

Both appointments are for one year. 

Earlier at the meeting, which was chaired by City of Ballarat Chief Executive Officer Janet Dore, Councillors-elect were sworn into office.  

The ceremony saw all nine Councillors-elect to take an Oath or Affirmation; and make a declaration to abide by the City of Ballarat Councillor Code of Conduct. 

Nine Councillors were elected last week to serve a four-year term representing Ballarat’s three wards. They are:  

Central Ward: Belinda Coates, Mark Harris, Samantha McIntosh 

North Ward: Amy Johnson, Peter Eddy, Daniel Moloney 

South Ward: Des Hudson, Ben Taylor, Tracey Hargreaves