2022/2023 Rates Notices due for release

2022/2023 Rates Notices due for release

The City of Ballarat will distribute the 2022/2023 Rate Notices in the coming weeks.  

This year Council has adopted a rate cap of 1.75 per cent as set by the Victorian Government. This means that the average property rate amount will increase by 1.75 per cent.  

However, individual property rate changes will vary and may be higher or lower than the rate cap depending on how individual property values have moved in comparison to the average property value in the City of Ballarat. 

City of Ballarat Mayor, Cr Daniel Moloney said the 2022 general revaluation, carried out by the Valuer-General Victoria, has resulted in an increase in residential and rural residential properties by 26% and 25% respectively.  

“The increased demand for regional living and lifestyle shift away from the city during COVID-19 has contributed to property values increasing significantly throughout Ballarat suburbs,” he said.  

“While this has occurred, commercial and industrial properties have experienced lower levels of growth at 7.6% and 10.9% respectively.  

“The effect of these different levels of valuation growth is to shift the rate burden from commercial and industrial properties to residential and rural residential owners. Consequently, this year many commercial and industrial ratepayers may well see a reduction in their rates. 

“Waste Management and Green Waste Services Charges (if applicable) are shown separately on rate payers’ notices. There is no increase in the Green Waste Service Charge, but the Waste Management Service Charge has increased by 6.25% ($26 per property) due to increases in the Victorian Government’s Environmental Protection Authority Levy.”  

Council has several options for rate payment available including a ten-payment direct debit plan, paying in quarterly instalments or lump sum.  

Cr Moloney said residents having difficulty paying rates and charges may be eligible for financial hardship relief under the City of Ballarat’s Financial Hardship Policy and are encouraged to contact the City of Ballarat to find out more.  

“If you have a pensioner concession card you are also entitled to apply to the City of Ballarat for a State Government-funded concession of $253.20 for your rates and $50 for your Fire Services Property Levy,” he said. 

“Rates contribute significantly to the City of Ballarat’s overall budget spend, funding a range of services and projects that are city-shaping and create better long-term outcomes for all in our community.  

"The critical revenue, combined with both Victorian and Australian Government grants, will support more than 80 services, around 100 projects, $127.3 million in capital works and the maintenance of $2 billion worth of assets.” 

Due to a third party printing error some residents may have received the 2021/22 Your Rates flyer with their Rates Notice.

"Forms Express acknowledge that they experienced a technical issue in their printing house system whereby the rates notice provided to City of Ballarat ratepayers included an incorrect rates brochure. Forms Express can advise that the rest of the notice and amounts were printed as per the instructions from City of Ballarat. Forms Express have apologised to Council for any inconvenience that has been caused."

Access the 2022/23 Your Rates Flyer here

For further rate information please visit www.ballarat.vic.gov.au/property/rates