Council Meetings

Council Meetings start at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Ballarat Town Hall, 225 Sturt Street.

The agenda will be available by close of business on the Friday before the Council Meeting. Draft Minutes of the Council Meeting will be available on the website as soon as practical following the meeting. Confirmed minutes of the Council Meeting will not be published on the website until they are endorsed at the following months Council Meeting.


Please note: questions and submissions need to be lodged with Governance via or 5320 5875 by no later than 12.00pm (Public Questions) and 2.00pm (Public Representations) on the day of the Council Meeting Wednesday.

The meetings will be broadcast live and uploaded to the website following the meeting.

Watch Council Meetings on our live broadcast.
Watch previous meetings in our video archive.

Public Question Time and Public Representations

Council Meetings may be held in person, virtually or in a hybrid form. 

Registered Members of the Public can attend the meeting in person to make a submission on an agenda item or ask a question during Public Question Time. Please note Public Question Time is only held at Council Meetings.

How to submit your question

  • Questions must be in English, and must be 75 words or less and not include a preamble, other additional material, or multiple parts.
  • Questions must be submitted by email to, no later than 12:00pm on the day of the Council Meeting.
  • Please note: no person may submit more than two questions at each meeting; questions may not be allowed if the time allotted for Public Question Time has finished.

If a person submitting a question is not present in the gallery during Public Question Time, their questions will be read out and a response provided at the meeting and a direct written response provided after the Council Meeting. 

How to submit your submission

  • Public submissions may be made on any items listed on the agenda in a council meeting, apart from those listed in the confidential section.
  • Submissions may be made in writing to no later than 2.00pm on the day of the council meeting; and limited to no more than 500 words.

If the submitter is not registered to attend the meeting in person, the submission will be read out by the Chief Executive Officer or nominated delegate at the meeting before the matter is considered by Council.

2023 Council Meeting Schedule

 Month  Date
 January  N/A 
 February   February 22
 March  March 22
 April  April 26
 May  May 24
 June  June 28
 July  July 26
 August   August 23
 September  September 27
 October  October 25
 November   November 6 (Mayoral Election)
 November 22
 December   December 13

2023 Planning Delegated Committee Schedule

 Month  Date
 January  N/A 
 February   February 8
 March  March 8
 April  April 12
 May  May 10
 June  June 14
 July  July 12
 August   August 9
 September  September 13
 October   October 11
 November   November 8
 December   December 6

Past resolutions of Council

Search past Council resolutions online.

Please note that only resolutions from 1 January 2016 are available with our online search. For any resolutions before this date, please contact our Governance team on

Resolutions are uploaded once the minutes are confirmed at the following Council Meeting.

Current Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas