Transfer Station fees

Products by cubic metre
(fees remain until released)

Products by item
(fees remain until released)


Products by cubic meter

ProductDescription Cost per cubic metre
 General wasteHard waste, wood, plastics, household waste, building waste (including plastic, metal, plasterboard), treated timber  $81
 Rubble Rock, brick, concrete (no metal or plastic) $131.50
 Green waste Prunings, grass clippings, leaves, branches $32
 Timber Clean hard and soft wood (excludes treated, laminated, and painted) $33


Products by item

 Product Cost per item
 Mattress $31
 Refrigerators $19.50
 Air conditioners $11
 eWaste – TVs (residential quantities) No charge
 eWaste – National eWaste Scheme items* No charge
eWaste – non-scheme items* $4
 eWaste – commercial loads $31
 eWaste – commercial loads (additional items) $5
 Tyres (cars) $7.50
 Tyres (4WD and light truck) $16
 Tyres (truck) $69
 Tyres (tractor) $174

*National eWaste Scheme items:

  • all televisions, such as CRTs, plasma, LCD and projection televisions
  • personal computers
  • laptops, notebooks, servers, server cabinets
  • palmtops and tablets
  • computer monitors
  • parts for personal computers, for example internal hard drives, motherboards, cards, internal power supplies, CPUs, DVD and CD drives
  • computer peripherals, for example mice, keyboards, joysticks, game pads, scanners and web cameras
  • modems, switches, routers, and hubs
  • printers and digital printers, for example ink-jet, dot matrix, laser printers, and multi-functional devices, digital copiers.

Items at no charge

Metal, Steel and AluminiumWhitegoods, empty/dry paint cans, small auto parts 
Excludes car bodies
PaintsResidential Quantities
Batteries (Car and household) 
Fluorescent Tubes and Compact Fluorescent Tubes 
Gas Bottles (BBQ, household/camping) 
Household Kerbside Recycling Material (residential quantities)Newspaper, Magazines, flattened cardboard, plastic bottles, containers (Plastic types – HDPE, PET)
Paper - Newspapers, Magazines etc 
Cardboard - Flattened/corrugatedExcludes waxed cardboard
Glass - drinking bottles/food containersExcludes pyrex, window glass, glass ornaments
Plastic containers (HDPE, PET)Numbers One and Two in the triangle Eg. Soft Drink, Shampoo, Sauce Containers

Conditions apply on volumes, size, product types, time of year or eligible persons.