Pre-applications: What you need to know

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The basics

The pre-application process is a two-way conversation between you (the permit applicant) and Council’s planning officers. This discussion provides you with a better understanding of Council policy and officer’s views. This process also provides officers with a better understanding of your proposal. After a pre-application process, you should be clear on what Council expects and the upcoming planning assessment steps.

The meeting provides a permit applicant with:

  • An opportunity to understand relevant planning policies and guidance 
  • Merits-based advice from planning officers to help refine your proposal prior to applying 

The pre-application meeting does not provide a permit applicant with: 

  • Commitments to timeframes 
  • A decision 

The pre-application meeting provides planning officers with:

  • An understanding of the site and related constraints 
  • A high-level understanding and your proposal and its relationship to policy and guidance 

The pre-application meeting does not enable planning officers to:

  • Obtain a detailed understanding of the technical aspects of a proposal, such as traffic, drainage or other related issues 

Following the pre-application process (which typically takes approximately 5 weeks) planning officers provide a written response which: 

  • Sets out officer views, considering policy, guidance and site context
  • Lists the required application documents 
  • Details next steps in the planning application process 

Looking for further information about the process?

Do you have a title and plans/a sketch or other documents detailing your proposal?

If you have a recent and legible copy of title and plans/a sketch or other documents detailing your proposal, please click the button below. 
If you do not have the documents, please obtain these documents before applying. If you require assistance obtaining these documents, please contact the statutory planner on duty on 5320 5107 

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