New pedestrian crossing and lake lighting works at Lake Wendouree

New pedestrian crossing in Wendouree Parade

The City of Ballarat has constructed a crossing to improve pedestrian safety at Lake Wendouree. 

The raised pedestrian crossing, between Morrison Street and Hamilton Avenue in Wendouree Parade, will improve pedestrian safety for Loreto College students, parents and staff while also improving connection to Lake Wendouree’s Steve Moneghetti track for the entire community. 

Two dying English Oak trees that posed a safety risk to the community were removed near the new pedestrian crossing. The two trees will be replaced.

Detours were in place while the works were completed in the school holidays. 

As the Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park Link Lighting project prepares to move into the construction stage this spring, five non-native Callery Pear trees are being removed along Morrison Street. 

The trees are being removed to prepare for the installation of seven pole mounted lights along Morrison Street.  

The City of Ballarat has consulted with Loreto College and Morrison Street residents on the tree removal works. 

An independent arborist report, completed in March 2021, found that the trees are not native and have long-term structural issues. 

The five non-native trees are the only trees expected to be removed as part of the Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park Link Lighting project. 

The trees will be replaced with smaller native plantings after the lights are installed, with planting expected to occur in the second half of 2023. 

The Victoria Park Link component of the project includes lighting along Morrison Street, utilising the recently completed pedestrian crossing point at the corner of Wendouree Parade and Morrison Street, and also the recently upgraded intersection at Russell, Sturt and Morrison Streets. 

The Heritage Victoria-endorsed final plans and project documentation for the Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park Link Lighting project are now available for the community to view at