Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park Link Lighting Project

The City of Ballarat partnered with the State Government to deliver the $3.17 million Lake Wendouree and Victoria Park Link Lighting project. 

225 lights were installed around the Lake Wendouree Steve Moneghetti Track and seven lights along Morrison Street, linking Lake Wendouree to nearby Victoria Park.  

The lights provide a safer environment for the lake's 350,000+ annual users, particularly after-hours and during winter months. 

The lights are programmed to automatically turn on and off at times best suited to the needs of lake users, and to also ensure a period of darkness is preserved in line with the recommendation of the Biodiversity Impact Assessment undertaken for the project. 

The lights automatically turn on in the evening and turn off at 10pm. The lights automatically turn on at 5.30am and turn off via a sensor that measures the natural light level which differs throughout the year. 

Project Completed

The lights were officially switched on, on Friday 17 November 2023

For questions or queries regarding the project, contact City of Ballarat at