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Find out what’s happening in Ballarat and surrounds that you can get involved in.

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Local events

Women’s Health Week

Women's Health Week is a nation-wide campaign of events and online activities centred on improving women's health and helping you make healthier choices. 

Find us on Facebook or Instagram for more information closer to the date.

Men’s Health Week 

Men’s Health Week is an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of men and boys. More males die at every stage through life, more males have accidents, more males take their own lives, and more males suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions than females at the same age. 

Men’s Health Week is an important time to connect with the men in your lives and encourage them to be healthier, to check in on themselves and their mates, and to check in with a doctor if something doesn’t feel right.

Our community is encouraged to focus on and promote the health of men and boys in June each year. 

Find us on Facebook or Instagram for more information closer to the date.

Walking groups in Ballarat

Walking groups are fun, easy and motivational. They are a great way to make new friends and get the exercise we all need to stay healthy. 

There are some great walking groups around the City of Ballarat to join if walking is your thing.

Ballarat Botanical Gardens Guides Walks
Ballarat Bushwalking and outdoor club
Creswick Walking Trails
Heart Foundation walking groups
Walking meet-ups in Ballarat

Walking is good for both your physical and mental health, but why not walk and be recognised for doing a great job! Join the Walker Recognition Scheme to be rewarded for your hard-earned walking.

The Ballarat Active Women’s Network has more information on other social walking groups in Ballarat.

Active community programs

We partner in and run programs and campaigns each year to help everyone to get active.

Walk to school program

Walking, riding or scooting to school are great ways to help keep kids active.

The Walk to school program encourages Ballarat’s children to develop healthy, active habits to set them up for healthy and active lives.

City of Ballarat is currently funded by the VicHealth Walk to School program to run Walk to School month each October

If you’re a school and want to join in, contact our Participation Project Officer at katemcmahon@ballarat.vic.gov.au

Get Active Victoria

Get Active Victoria aims to motivate our communities to move more, every day. 

It’s recommended that adults do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, and kids need 60 minutes or more. Any type of physical activity counts, even things like taking the stairs, parking a little further away, gardening and even cleaning the house. You don’t have to do 30 minutes at once, you can do two or three shorter sessions of 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Each April, the City of Ballarat and partners run a Get Active April campaign to encourage our community to get moving during April. You can now get active all year long by joining Get Active Victoria online.

This Girl Can 

This Girl Can Week is a dedicated time when physical activity businesses – clubs, gyms, facilities and organisations – can offer fun, beginner-friendly, and come-and-try events for women in their area, either for free or at very low cost.

Find out more on our This Girl Can page.


The City of Ballarat’s Sport and Active Living team have partnered with Ozebuddy to help promote and encourage physical activity in Ballarat.

Ozebuddy is a free online social platform aiming to help improve everyone’s health and wellness by helping them find exercise ‘buddies’. The platform encourage social connections and opportunities to be active using City of Ballarat facilities and other active opportunities here in Ballarat. 

Local sport and recreation clubs and associations, registered or auspiced walking, running, cycling, roller derby, and personal training groups are encouraged to get on board and promote their club and services. If you or your organisation are interested in this FREE opportunity please contact Teagan on katemcmahon@ballarat.vic.gov.au for more information. 

Disc golf

An 18-hole Disc Golf course is now available for use in Victoria Park. The course does not require a booking.

The course includes both amateur and expert level baskets so everyone can give disc golf a go. 

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf. Instead of hitting a ball with a club, players throw a disc from the tee pad to a basket.

The aim of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest throws possible.

Find out how to get started on our disc golf page.