While you're at home - keeping young ones engaged

As we all stay home to try and stop the coronavirus spread and flatten the curve, it's important to keep young minds and bodies engaged. Here are a few suggestions.

For your pre-schooler

Online Story Times

Jump onto the Ballarat Libraries Facebook page to watch our online story times.


Access the Busy Things App for kids from the library

Log in with your library card or sign up online to access these today.

If you have a library card already, jump straight in. Visit the Busy Things website today.


Watch the animals at Zoos Victoria

Visit the Zoos Victoria website Or follow Zoos Victoria on Facebook and tune in to see what the animals are up to today.

Start your 1000 Books Before School reading journey

  • Download the Reading Records from the Ballarat Libraries website
  • Each time you read a book, mark it off on the Reading Record
  • Collect your milestone rewards when the library reopens
  • Milestone rewards are available until stocks last
  • Find out more here


Build a fort

Use blankets and chairs to create a cozy play space during trying times. Grab a book and snuggle up with your child.


Have an indoor scavenger hunt

Ask your child to collect coloured items or something starting with the letter S. This activity can last for as long - or as little - as you like!


Set up an obstacle course using everyday items

Be creative to get your kids moving, whether they’re young or a bit older!

Try cushions for stepping stones, a clothes horse to crawl under and a washing basket and ball to practice those hand eye coordination skills.


Nature Scavenger Hunts

Take the kids outside to get some fresh air with this fun and engaging activity.

Grab a basket and create a list of all the items they can find.

For your older kids

Reading Resources

Listen to the amazing author David Walliams as he reads his books online. Each day there is a new story available! Visit for today’s story: https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/


Access eBooks and eAudiobooks through Bolinda Borrowbox. Login with your library card or sign up online to access these today.

Flip through a magazine from home using RB Digital on your phone, tablet or computer. Access the large library of magazines such as Peppermint, the National Geographic or Empire magazines. Login with your library card or sign up online to access these today.


Get Active

Joe Wick’s PE sessions for kids on YouTube are a great way to get moving. Visit his Youtube channel for his library of videos.

Set up a Dance Party with your favourite playlist, indoors or out.


Be Creative

Write your own song, poem or rap. Share these with family and friends to stay connected while at home.

Access the #remixvic collection through the State Library of Victoria’s website. They’ve opened up their image vault to give you access to almost 170,000 images and maps from their collection to be reused, remixed and re-purposed in any way you’d like. Tag #remixvic and share your creations online.

Start a photo competition with your friends. Share your moments to stay connected while staying at home.


Get Outdoors

Enjoy the Autumn sunshine with a nature scavenger hunt. Explore your garden for leaves of different colours, seed pods and animals.

Set up an obstacle course with items from around your home. Set the difficulty based on the age and skill level of your child.


Be kind. Stay home. Flatten the curve.