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We've gone Paperlite!

Our goal is to reduce the amount of paper used in the planning permit application process.

This small step is a commitment by the City of Ballarat to building a more customer-responsive statutory planning service for the Ballarat community.

You will find the new Paperlite process provides:

  • A smoother application process for you
  • Removes the need to provide documents in duplicate or triplicate
  • Encourages the lodgement of planning permit applications online

What this means for you?

  • All plans and supporting documents need to be submitted by email to or through e-services.
  • Your plans need to be original electronic plans to scale in .pdf format.

The City of Ballarat is committed to supporting you through the new paperlite requirements. You can still visit our Customer Service Centre or call 5320 5640 for assistance.


Quick links for submitting your application request


Submit the following application online. Payment will be required on submission.

  • Demolition 29A report & Consent
  • Written Advice on planning permit requirements


Lodge the following planning permit application and supporting documents by emailing to

We will email you with the following details on how to pay:

  • Application Lodgement number
  • Schedule of fees
  • Link and reference number to pay online

Please note: you have seven days from the time of this email to pay your application fees. After this point, your application will be closed and you will need to re-apply.


Planning Permit Process

  • Talk to a planner

  • View Ballarat Planning Scheme to check the planning controls that apply to your property

  • Talk to your neighbours about your plans

  • Consider getting professional advice


Book a pre-application meetings

Book a pre-application meeting to discuss your initial permit needs, the digital application process, and the types of supporting documents you will need to provide upfront. Meetings are held at the Ballarat Town Hall from Tuesday to Friday, call 5320 5640 to make a booking. You will need to email your concept plans to a week prior to the meeting. 

Please note:

  • Any advice given is based on a preliminary assessment only
  • This is an opportunity to talk with a planner and is not part of the application process, you will still need to submit your application online
  • This service is currently provided free of charge, however, if you are after written advice you will need to submit a Written Advice on planning permit requirements


Application is lodged and received

We will send you an acknowledgement letter with our Town Planners' contact details.

We will help calculate fees. See our Summary of Planning and Subdivision Fees for a detailed breakdown.


We check your application

After checking your application:

  • We may request further information
  • We may request referrals


Your application is advertised

If required, your application will be advertised for at least 14 days.

This advertising usually involves:

  • A letter to your neighbours
  • A sign on the site of the property

Your planning application will be advertised online. People who are affected may submit an objection and view the application.


We assess your application

We will:

  • Consider any objections that have been raised
  • Prepare a report to explain the decision made
  • Consider any referral comments
  • Assess planning scheme provisions


We make a decision

The decision on your planning application will be either:

  • Approval of a planning permit
  • Notice of decision to grant a planning permit
  • Notice of refusal to grant a planning permit


Your application may be reviewed by VCAT

A review by VCAT is undertaken only if an application has been made by:

  • Permit applicant against conditions or refusal
  • Objector against notice of decision

If you have a question or want to check the status on your planning permit application, you can get in touch with us.


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