Other Programs and Partnerships

Sapling Tree in road median strip

Along with the major sustainability initiatives, City of Ballarat has implemented the following environmentally sustainable programs and partnerships:

  • Developing a network of bike paths to facilitate environmentally friendly, healthier local transport options as part of the Ballarat Integrated Transport Action Plan 
  • Engaging with local community groups through Regional Sustainability Alliance Ballarat - a network of organisations from the public, private and nonprofit spheres that is taking a leading role in moving the region towards sustainability.
  • Partnering with Councils from across Victoria to investigate achieving higher sustainable design (ESD) standards through local and state planning mechanisms.  

  • tree planting program to provide habitat, reduce greenhouse gases, flood mitigation, and shelter.

  • Sponsorship of Smart Living Ballarat that supports community awareness and capacity building activities relating to sustainable living. 

  • Commencing roll into 100% renewable energy as part of the Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO) to power all Council assets.

City of Ballarat is also in the process of developing the following environmentally sustainable initiatives:

  • Developing a Kerbside Transition Plan, in accordance with state government guidelines, to provide a more efficient and consistent kerbside collection system across Victoria 

  • Partnering to develop a net zero emissions plan for the municipality, with the consideration of a 2030 aspirational target, for collaborative implementation by community. 

  • Working in partnership with the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance (CVGA) and others to investigate the potential to transition Council fleets to low/no emission vehicles. 

  • Analysis of sustainable opportunities (e.g. carbon reduction, procurement of recycled content) in Council capital works programs 

  • Natural resource management enhancement/community collaboration on biodiversity strategy and policy development 

  • Progressing with concept development and business case for alternative, fit-for-purpose, water use schemes outlined in the Integrated Water Management Plan for Ballarat.  

  • Sustainable procurement – currently reviewing mechanisms to embed sustainability in Council procurement policy and day-to-day practice.