Waterway safety information session for Lake Wendouree users

A number of row boats on Lake Wendouree, as well as a small motor boat. In the foreground, there is some green foliage.

Lake Wendouree user groups and community members who use the lake recreationally are invited to attend a waterway safety information session next Monday at 1pm.  

The City of Ballarat and Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) will host the community information session that will provide an overview of the waterway’s rules and codes of conduct, as well as best practice water and public safety protocols. There will also be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.  

There is often a perception that inland waterways, such as Lake Wendouree, tend to be safer than coastal areas. However, there are still many hazards of which lake users should be aware. These include natural hazards, inclement weather conditions, and potential dangers presented by multiple vessels and groups using the lake at the same time.  

Lake Wendouree is home to a large cohort of user groups including:  

  • Multiple rowing, sailing, boating and fishing clubs. 
  • Tourist operators and businesses. 
  • Recreational users. 
  • Events including high-level rowing and sailing competitions held throughout the year. 
  • City of Ballarat maintenance vessels including a lake weed harvester. 

As Waterway Manager of Lake Wendouree, the City of Ballarat is responsible for managing the waterway and ensuring all lake user groups are aware of the waterway rules and code of conduct when using the lake.  
Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) — a branch of Transport Safety Victoria — works with waterway managers, including the City of Ballarat, to provide education and support to users. MSV also conducts audits of Lake Wendouree and works closely with the City of Ballarat to ensure it is safe for all waterway users.  
The Lake Wendouree waterway safety information session will be held at the Robert Clarke Centre, located in the Botanical Gardens, on Monday 30 January at 1pm. Prior registration is not required. 
For more information about regulations relating to Lake Wendouree, visit the Lake Wendouree page on the City of Ballarat website.