Thousands of exceptional trees now registered in Ballarat

Generic image of a Kashmir Cypress tree in Winter Valley

An exceptional Kashmir Cypress tree in Winter Valley

The City of Ballarat has announced that 17 trees have been added to the Exceptional Tree Register, following the recent nominations period.  

The Exceptional Tree Register, which helps to identify and promote exceptional trees on private and public land across Ballarat, now lists 4,318 exceptional trees, from more than 60 sites.  

This includes individual trees, groups of trees and tree-lined avenues from across the municipality.  

The 2023 nominations from the community focused on both individual and groups of trees. They were assessed by qualified arborists and an expert panel, and in total 17 individual trees were recommended to be added to the register.  

The nominations were assessed on criteria such as outstanding size, age, curious growth, significant cultural value or even an unusual or rare species.

There were three trees that, while are still wonderful trees within Ballarat, did not meet the requirement of three or more criteria to be listed on the exceptional register.

City of Ballarat Councillor, Samantha McIntosh said the register is a great way to promote and raise awareness of the city’s exceptional trees.  

“Not only does the register aim to celebrate our city’s green canopy, but it also supports the custodians of these amazing trees and provides expert advice and opportunities to care for them,” she said.

“This register also encourages shared responsibilities for the retention and care of trees that span property boundaries, are on private land or in shared community spaces.

“A register like this celebrates those special Ballarat people of the past who had the foresight to plant so many wonderful trees in our city. They are part of our heritage and history and it may even inspire the next generation to plant in their own backyard, that may one day be exceptional.”

Some highlights of trees added to the Exceptional Tree Register this year are:  

A Kashmir Cypress tree in Winter Valley is an extremely rare evergreen conifer that is native to eastern Himalaya in Bhutan. It is located in a community member’s backyard and its striking blue-green foliage is able to be enjoyed by surrounding neighbours.  

A group of four trees from Central Park in Lake Gardens, which were planted in the early 1800s when the location was used as an industrial school for girls, and then the Lakeside Hospital.  

A Swamp Gum located at the Kensington Creek Reserve, which is a majestic example of this type of native tree, providing habitat for local fauna.  

To view a map of the Exceptional Tree Register listings and find out more information on the City of Ballarat’s tree management visit our tree protection webpage here.