Tender advertised for management works at former Black Hill Landfill site

Chisholm Street Reserve

A tender for management works at the former Black Hill Landfill site is currently being advertised in compliance with Environment Protection Authority requirements.  

The tender for works at the site, known as Chisholm Street Reserve, will include the installation of a landfill gas trench to intercept and passively vent any potential landfill gas.

The tender also includes improvements to stormwater engineering controls to direct stormwater, ensuring it drains away from the landfill surface.

The City of Ballarat manages the former Black Hill Landfill site, which was operational from about 1967 to 1982.  

The existing cap conformed with the Authority’s cap construction requirements of the 1980s using clay-rich soil and a topsoil layer to support vegetation cover. The current works to be tendered comply with the Environment Protection Act 2017.

As part of its ongoing management of the former landfill, the City of Ballarat conducts regular monitoring of the site via a specialised contractor. Regular monitoring ensures that the risk of contamination is mitigated. Audits are also carried out by an independent EPA appointed auditor. The last audit concluded that rectifications works are required.  

The rectification works include:  

  • A landfill gas interception trench placed immediately south of the residential properties on Leerama Court to intercept landfill gas potentially present in waste and passively vent it to atmosphere.  
  • Improved stormwater drainage on the landfill surface to reduce infiltration and leachate generation.  

City of Ballarat Director Infrastructure and Environment Bridget Wetherall said the works will be beneficial for the community and the environment.  

“It is important that we conduct the management works to comply with Environment Protection Authority guidelines while ensuring that the community and our environment is protected,” she said.  

The Chisholm Street Reserve is used for community recreation and is managed and monitored by the City of Ballarat.  

The landfill gas venting works will take place at the rear of several houses on the southern side of Leerama Court. These residents have been notified. The City of Ballarat will continue to liaise with nearby residents to address any questions.

The works are expected to commence in November 2024 and will be completed by June 2025.

The site will be closed to the community and fenced for public safety during the construction and establishment of vegetation. Once vegetation is completely established, the site will be re-opened to the community.