Register your pet and get complimentary microchipping

Generic image of small dog

Residents can now get free microchipping for their four-legged friends in return for ensuring that their pets are registered with the City of Ballarat for this year.  

Microchipped pets mean they are more identifiable if they escape the property, reducing stress on pets and owners.  

Renewing pet registration each year means all contact details are up to date and Animal Management Officers can return the animal to its home, with no need to impound the dog or cat.  

Registration fees also contribute to overall animal management across the City of Ballarat, including staff being able to attend to:  

  • Cat and dog roaming reports
  • Welfare and cruelty complaints
  • Wandering and stray animals  
  • Barking/noise concerns
  • Investigating dog attack incidents  
  • Picking up stray cats and dogs  
  • Managing and running the Ballarat Animal Shelter

Appointments are required to have your dog or cat microchipped and registered with the City of Ballarat. This can be made via phone, 5334 2075 or by emailing your name and phone number to and the staff will be in contact to make an appointment time.  

Proof of ownership of your pet or cat will be required. This can be in the form of vet bills, insurance paperwork or a series of photos.  

Registration fees are:

  • Dog and Cat Standard (de-sexed) $44
  • Dog and Cat (not de-sexed) $182
  • Puppy awaiting desexing (3-12 months of age) $44

Residents with a pension card will receive a discounted registration fee. For more information click the ‘Pets’ tab on the City of Ballarat website.