City of Ballarat Mayor calls for waffle pod containment

City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Des Hudson stands next to a stray waffle pod.

City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Des Hudson is calling for improved containment of waffle pods to construction sites following impacts of the pods on the local environment, waterways and public amenity.  

Waffle pods — made of polystyrene or foam — are used in concreting and construction. However, as waffle pods are very light, they are easily blown around in high wind events.

Cr Hudson said he had observed an increase in waffle pods that had been blown off construction sites onto private land, parklands, and into waterways — particularly in newer estates where new houses are being constructed.  

“It is the responsibility of site managers and builders to contain waffle pods to their construction sites by ensuring they are secured,” he said.  

“Uncontained waffle pods are not only destructive to the environment, waterways and wildlife, but they impact public amenity. 

“It is important that builders and site managers are aware of their responsibility to contain waffle pods to their construction sites and prevent them from blowing away.” 

For more information about waffle pod containment, visit the Environment Protection’s Authorities’ resources and the Victorian Building Authorities’ resources.  

To report stray waffle pods on public land, contact the City of Ballarat Customer Service team by phoning 5320 5500, reporting an issue via the City of Ballarat website or by downloading the Snap Send Solve app via the App Store or Google Play.