A playgroup is a group of parents, carers and their children aged five and under, who meet to play, socialise and have fun.

Kids at playgroup

Please note that community and supported playgroup delivery may look different in accordance with social distancing requirements. Check with individual community playgroups or contact our team for up to date information about supported playgroup program delivery.

Most playgroups meet weekly for a couple of hours in a variety of venues. Children learn through play, develop new skills and make new friends while parents benefit through exchanging parenting ideas, gaining valuable support and building social connections with people at the same stage of life.

Community playgroups

A community playgroup is usually run by parents and carers. The group decides when it meets and the playgroup's structure. We have many community playgroups in the City of Ballarat. Visit Playgroup Victoria to find or start a community playgroup.

Supported playgroups

A supported playgroup has a funded professional facilitator who works with specific groups of families at no or low cost. Supported playgroups give families the chance to:

  • Learn about play and children’s development
  • Build parent capacity
  • Learn about local services
  • Have fun in a semi-structured setting


A supported playgroup has a professional facilitator who implements a fun and engaging weekly session during school term for eligible families *.  

Supported playgroups give families the chance to: 

  • Learn about play and children’s development
  • Interact and have fun with their children in a warm and gentle manner 
  • Build parenting skills and confidence using the Smalltalk Program
  • Meet other families 
  • Learn about and connect with local services 
  • In-home support is also available for eligible families (when restrictions allow).

For more information

Call our Supported Playgroup Team Leader on 5320 5720 or email
*Please call the Supported Playgroup Team Leader for more information on eligibility 

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