Children's Consultation

In 2020, COVID restrictions meant we couldn’t run our usual Children’s Week activities. So, to celebrate Children’s Week in 2020, our Family and Children’s Services team ran a consultation project with Ballarat’s children.

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Children's Consultation 2021

We're running a children's consultation again this year to celebrate Children's Week 2021!

We'd love to hear from you. Have your say on the 2021 Children's Consultation.

About the 2020 consultation

Children aged 13 or younger make up 20% of our population.

In 2020, there were more than 20,000 kids living in the City of Ballarat.

We want our children to be active citizens, so we asked them what matters to them. Their responses were passionate and thoughtful.

What our children told us

We asked these three questions:
  • Why should adults listen to kids?
  • What do you love about Ballarat?
  • What makes a good neighbourhood?

We received 148 responses from children aged from 2 years to 13 years.

Their responses are being used to help create planning documents and future consultation activities.

Our kids told us why adults should listen

  • 51% said we have unique perspective and knowledge
  • 34% said we deserve the same respect as anyone else
  • 19% said we have a huge stake in the future

In their words:

“Our words are true and from the heart.” Isabella, aged 11

“You have to listen to everyone, not just kids.” Arkady, aged 4

“Because children still have an opinion and are part of our community.” Anonymous, aged 11

“We’re the ones that are going to live in adults [sic] choices.” Millie, aged 12

Our kids told us they want to live in neighbourhoods where they feel safe and connected to others

  • 67% want to live near friendly, helpful people
  • 11% want to be in a safe and quiet place
  • 11% want space to ride bikes, walk and play

In their words:

“A good neighbourhood is when you can rely on your neighbours to mind your belongings while your [sic] on vacation.” Tyler, aged 11

“When it’s really pretty and has roses and flowers and trees. People taking their dogs for a walk.” Felicity, aged 4

“No naughty drivers. No noisy drivers. Hurts my ears. I like big, safe cars.” Lexi, aged 3

“A good neighbourhood is a good place for riding bikes, skateboards and scooters.” Nive, 8

What do our kids love about Ballarat?

  • 35% love the community
  • 31% love playgrounds, facilities and having lots of fun things to do
  • 26% love nature, parks and reserves

In their words:

“Because everyone is connected” Emily, aged 12

“It’s not too big and it has lots of things other places don’t have” Thomas, aged 12

“I like the big playground that is near the lake. All the trees that grow.” Eiley, aged 4

“I like the cold and rainy weather and how people just get along with each other and its [sic] just great” Finnigan 12

“Neighbours are a big part of where people live. If you have kind neighbours, you’d feel more welcomed. It’s common sense, surely?” Madeleine, 12

Why did we run the consultation?

Our Children’s Consultation Project is part of our commitment to Ballarat’s children and the Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter

The Charter recognises the need for children to be involved in decision-making forums and creating child friendly environments. The City of Ballarat  signed the Charter to make sure children’s voices are heard and to show our dedication to making sure the City is a safe and welcoming place for our kids.


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