Learmonth Community Skills Shed

A new Community Skills Shed is being constructed at the Learmonth Recreation Reserve.

The shed will provide a place for the Learmonth Community Skills Shed group to come together to undertake community shed activities such as woodworking, metalwork, and other creative pursuits. 

It will also be a space that other community groups can gather, have meetings, and run activities.

The scope and budget for the initial stage of the project is modest including a shed with a kitchen and accessible toilet, and which addresses minimal requirements for parking and connection. 

However, the concept plans also demonstrate the longer-term aspirations for the site including the addition of a veranda, and opportunities for community gardening and other activities.

View the concept plans for the Community Skills Shed

Project Objectives

  • To identify the most appropriate site for the Learmonth Community Skills Shed
  • To undertake investigations to ensure that possible risks in relation to the site have been identified.  
  • To develop plans and specifications for the Shed in consultation with the Learmonth Community Skills Shed group
  • To secure funding for the construction of the Shed
  • To construct the Learmonth Community Skills Shed using the agreed siting and plans  
  • To put in place a 5 year licence agreement for use of the new Shed 

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