Get involved in council meetings

Ask a question, raise an issue, or submit a petition to a City of Ballarat Council Meeting.

A hand raised during a meeting

Public Question Time

Council Meetings may be held in person, virtually or in a hybrid form. 

Members of the Public can attend the meeting in person to make a submission on an agenda item or ask a question during Public Question Time. Please note Public Question Time is only held at Council Meetings.

How to submit your question

Submit a question using the online form

  • Questions must be in English, and must be 75 words or less and not include a preamble, other additional material, or multiple parts.
  • Questions must be submitted via the form above no later than 12:00pm on the day of the Council Meeting.
  • Please note: no person may submit more than two questions at each meeting; questions may not be allowed if the time allotted for Public Question Time has finished.

If a person submitting a question is not present in the gallery during Public Question Time, their questions will be read out and a response provided at the meeting and a direct written response provided after the Council Meeting. 

Public Submissions

How to submit your submission

Make a submission via the online form

  • Public submissions may be made on any items listed on the agenda in a council meeting, apart from those listed in the confidential section.
  • Submissions may be made in writing via the form above no later than 2.00pm on the day of the council meeting; and limited to no more than 500 words.

If the submitter is not registered to attend the meeting in person, the submission will be read out by the Chief Executive Officer or nominated delegate at the meeting before the matter is considered by Council.


Petitions are a formal written request, signed by multiple people, and which express concern about an issue and request us to take action. Any person can table a petition to be presented to Council.

For the petition to be valid and acceptable, our Governance Rules must be adhered to.

Only the petitioner's request and the number of signatories will be included in the agenda for the Council meeting at which it will be considered.

If you wish to lodge a petition, download the petition template.

If you have any questions regarding a petition, call our Governance team on 5320 5875 or email 

How should a petition look?

  • Petitions should be written (not in pencil), typed or printed and contain the request of the petitioners.
  • The reason for the petition must be stated on each page the signatures are collected.
  • Every signatory’s full name, address and signature must be clearly stated
  • The petitions should consist of single-sided pieces of paper and must not be pasted, stapled, pinned or otherwise affixed to any other piece of paper

How do I lodge my petition to a Council meeting?

  • Provide the original petition to a Councillor of your ward who will table it at the next appropriate Council meeting or post it to Council Officers at PO Box 665 Ballarat, Vic 3353

What happens when the petition is received by Council?

  • After the petition is received, it will be included in the agenda for an appropriate Council meeting
  • After it has been formally received by Council, it will either be referred to the Chief Executive Officer for consideration and response or referred to the Chief Executive Officer for a report to a future Council meeting

What can't petitions relate to?