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The City of Ballarat has many heritage places protected by the Heritage Overlay.  According to Heritage Victoria’s Heritage Overlay ‘Glossary of Terms’, a heritage place can be a ‘building (e.g. house, shop, factory etc.), structure (e.g. memorial, bridge or tram poles), features (e.g. mine shafts and mullock heaps, street gutters and paving), private garden or public park, single tree or group of trees such as an avenue, group of buildings or sites, landscape, geological formation, fossil site, or habitat or other place of natural or Cultural Heritage Significance and its associated land.’  These heritage places reflect the different phases of Ballarat’s development, and are documented in a number of heritage studies that have been prepared since 1978.   This information has been made available in our heritage database.

The database is searchable by heritage place name, street name or heritage overlay (HO) number.  You can also search the database using other fields by clicking on 'advanced search'.  The database includes relevant Statements of Significance, and information about a place’s history, physical descriptions and photographs of places in Ballarat’s Heritage Overlay.  In planning scheme terms, a Heritage Overlay includes the land associated with the Heritage Place. The term ‘Heritage Place’ does not include movable objects, such as machinery within a factory or furniture within a house.”


The Ballarat Heritage Database defines the cultural heritage value associated with heritage places by listing their status as:

Included in Heritage Overlay: 

1) If you are searching for an individual property, this status indicates a single heritage place that has independent cultural heritage value and is not located within a larger heritage precinct;

2) If you are searching for a heritage area, this status indicates a heritage precinct.

Included in HO area indiv sig:

This status indicates a single heritage place that has independent cultural heritage value and is located within a larger heritage precinct.  This heritage place may or may not also contribute to the cultural heritage significance of the larger heritage precinct.

Included in HO area contributory:

This status indicates one of a number of heritage places which contribute to the cultural heritage value of a larger heritage precinct. These places could be said to be like a dinner plate which is part of a dinner set.  

Included in HO area not sig:

This status indicates one of a number of places located within a heritage precinct that do not contribute to the cultural heritage value of the precinct.  These places could be said to be like a dinner plate that is not a part of the original dinner set.

It is important to note that the information contained within the Ballarat Heritage Database is supporting information about heritage places contained within the Ballarat Planning Scheme.  The information should not be relied upon to determine what planning controls affect a property.  A planning certificate will provide the legal documentation regarding the relevant zoning and overlays (including the heritage overlay) that affect individual properties. You can search for zoning and overlay information on the Victorian Planning Schemes Online website and links to this site can also be found in the Ballarat Heritage Database.  For general information on heritage planning and protection (the heritage overlay) please see our Heritage Overlay information.

For more information about the Ballarat Heritage Database please contact the City of Ballarat through eServices


What To See and DoTop of document.

A way for Ballarat residents and tourists to appreciate the variety of things to see and do relating to Ballarat's heritage is to do a driving or walking tour.  

Ballarat has a diverse range of museums, gallerys, parks, statues and collections / archives which can be enjoyed as well as holding a Heritage Weekend where a cross section of Ballarat's Heritage can be sampled. 

You can immerse yourself in architecture, discover the collection at the Fine Art Gallery, attend a performance at Her Majesty's Theatre or research your ancestors on the goldfields. A range of tours can be downloaded from the internet, including tours on gold, indigenous heritage, a statues walk and a botanic gardens education trail as well as pod tours developed by ABC Ballarat.

Architecture and History Walks


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