Road Transport Strategy


The need to prepare the Ballarat Road Transport Strategy was identified during the development of Blueprint Ballarat - the vision for Ballarat identified by the local community.

On this basis, VicRoads and the City of Ballarat have prepared the strategy to ensure it is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the Ballarat community. This has resulted in a strategy planning process using full and open consultation with all stakeholders.

The content of the strategy report includes:

  1. identifying and quantify existing road system deficiencies
  2. assess future road needs associated with population and employment growth to the year 2030 and beyond
  3. recognises trends and needs for regional freight movements
  4. recognition of the need for greater promotion of other transport modes including walking, cycling and public transport for travel within Ballarat


Download the Ballarat Road Transport Strategy and access links to other technical documents used in the development of the strategy below.